Boston, MA, USA


We all suffer loss .... therefore we all grieve. 

Grief is most often associated with death - but it really is experienced as a normal and natural reaction to any loss. Our pets die, we move house, we change schools, we lose our jobs, we lose our health, our finances change, our lifestyle alters, our safety is not guaranteed. We deal with loss all the time.

What is our response? Have we ever been truly educated on appropriate actions to take when losses occur? Most likely, we do what we saw our parents or teachers do.


We may get another dog, make new friends in a new place, experience different teachers, apply for another job, learn to live with a disability, give up our hopes and dreams of a promotion or a marriage that is going to last. Whatever the loss is, we 'deal' with it ... or do we?  Have our emotions really been addressed and completed, allowing us to say good bye to the pain that keeps us from enjoying new experiences?

I am happy to talk to any interested groups ... explaining how I felt 'stuck' in my grief after my son died and what I decided to do about it. By educating ourselves about what beliefs and myths we use to 'feel better' and learning why a lot of them don't work, we can liberate ourselves from burdens we don't even realize we carry on a day to day basis.  Best of all, with this information, we can teach our children better ways to deal with the inevitable losses that life will undoubtedly bring.

Please contact me to discuss where and when I can be of help.