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Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to any major change we experience in life.

For many, the ongoing impact of emotional pain can be overwhelming. It can also be very isolating. The 'cures' that have been handed down to us on how to deal with loss may not be working for you, just as I found they weren't working for me. 'Time heals all wounds' ... but does it really? 

Taking action with the Grief Recovery Method can be life changing.  Simply put, it will teach you how to let go of the painful elements of grief that may be controlling or interfering in your life, so that you can enjoy and share fond memories with smiles, rather than painful ones with tears.

Death and divorce are only two of the more than 40 losses that we may experience in a lifetime. This program offers tools that can be used again and again to complete unresolved grief and incomplete relationships - current or past.

The One on One sessions offer a more intimate environment and our meetings may have some flexibility of time and place within the seven weeks. If you believe you are not the 'group' sort, this may be a better option for you. If you are unsure about what exactly is meant by 'grief recovery' feel free to call or email. There is no obligation involved. 


Please be in touch - I look forward to helping you.